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I’m absolutely in love with acrylic.  My love affair started years ago with a simple clear square tray from a local shop.  Stacking a few small books, a couple coasters and a lovely smelling candle in said tray made for the perfect centerpiece for my coffee table.  So what exactly is acrylic?  Technically, it’s a plastic, but not all plastic is acrylic.  Another common name for acrylic is polyacrylate, depending on the quality, strength, and how easily it can scratch you’ll notice a price difference from product to product.   While clear is probably most common, it can also be found tinted in every color in the rainbow.

So why exactly do we love it?  Acrylic is versatile, it works in any space from living, bedroom, kitchen or office.  Its transparency showcases the items it stores, has a minimal footprint and a simple clean look.  Acrylic is functional, stylish and can work equally in a modern or traditional space.  Simply put… we dig it.

A few years ago I was living in a 1930’s bungalow, it was my first home and I fell in love with all the character and charm it possessed.   I’m not sure how I would define my style, I respond to straight clean lines but also the addition of warmth from texture and comfort pieces.  I definitely enjoy the modern look of white, including my sofa, but I’m also a sucker for a beautiful antique wood side table with a white marble top.  All this to say, I knew my interior style could absorb a larger acrylic piece of furniture, adding a modern touch to the contrast of the bungalow foundation, so I started my hunt.   It wasn’t long before my search produced the side table by Philippe Starck aptly named “Ghost Buster” (see below) and I knew it had to be mine.  It was going to be a splurge but knowing it would last for the rest of my life made it a little easier to swallow.   Originally I used it in the living room as a sideboard next to the fireplace but now I living in a more modern space and it’s functioning as my bedside table.  What other acrylic will you find in my personal home?  Kartell’s “Only Me Mirror” in green (square) and a clear acrylic paper towel holder.

Below I’ve sourced some of my favorite acrylic accessories and furniture pieces.  If you are thinking of taking the acrylic plunge perhaps you’ll find some of these resourceful in your hunt.   While I’m sure there is a line not to cross as far as overdoing the use of acrylic in the home, I can assure you, I’m not there just yet.


(Note: None of the products found in this post are sponsored or affiliate marketing, just simply our suggestions and unbiased opinions.  In other words, we really do dig this stuff.)


Examples of acrylic table by Philippe Starck Ghost Buster

Philippe Starck “Ghost Buster” Sideboard Table  /  Source: (left) Stardust Modern, (right) Architonic


acrylic book case

Bookcase (swivels)  /  Source: Crate and Barrel


simple mirror, high design

Only Me Mirror, Philippe Starck for Kartell  /  Source: Lumens


acrylic accessories for the home

Bar Cart, Trays and Frames  /  Source: West Elm


clear acrylic items for the home

Nesting Tables, Paper Towel Holder  /  Source: CB2


variety of acrylic bar stools

Victoria Ghost Chair, Ghost Counter Bar Stools / Source: DWR


AVF acrylic

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Table, Accessories / Source: AVF




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