Wooden tray of white bowls of snacks and bottles of liquor on side table (How to set up a party like a stylist)


Having a spirit of hospitality is something we’ve been valuing more lately.  We want to get away from the idea that everything has to be perfect before inviting friends and family over.  Couldn’t we all use a little more impromptu community and bonding in the flesh?  A shared meal, drink, and laugh is just about one of the greatest things this life has to offer.  Thanks to Anne Sage for giving us some pointers on how to set up for a party like a stylist.  We recently interviewed Anne on our podcast (listen here) and thoroughly enjoyed hearing her story of life as a consumer strategist in Manhattan before moving to LA and becoming a full-time content creator.  Anne’s design website is an incredible resource for anyone needing simple and beautiful design tips for everyday life.  Check it out and watch the video below for entertaining inspiration.



Entertaining Inspiration: How to Set Up for a Party Like a Stylist



Aren’t these some great tips?!  Although its springtime in this tutorial, the advice is just as useful for the upcoming holiday season.  We’re loving the idea of setting up various food and drink stations around the kitchen and living area where guests can get involved and serve themselves in a fun manner.  Anne makes a great point of how this discourages people from all standing around one area while the host does everything.  Instead, guests are encouraged to mingle and be involved.  Also, none of this is overwhelming, over the top, or stressful.  Can’t you picture great music playing, friends catching up laughing, and enjoying a cocktail?  We can’t help but be inspired to schedule a little get-together in our own homes very soon.

For more great design inspiration and tips, make sure to visit Anne’s blog; you’ll find lots of great holiday post and gift guides.  Enjoy!