water flowing through Old Annecy with buildings on both sides


Until reading Pip’s blog post on her travels to Annecy, we were completely oblivious to this gem of a place.  Annecy is located in Eastern France and lies on the northern tip of Lake Annecy just South of Geneva.  With it’s perfect placement between the mountains and the Lake it’s sometimes referred to as the ‘Venice of the Alps’.  Canals run through the old pastel-colored buildings and it’s absolutely idyllic in every way.  For more of Pip’s beautiful photography and travel tips, visit her blog Wander Pip.  Pip was also a guest on our podcast, listen here and shares all about her travels, living life out of a suitcase, and how she decided to become a travel blogger.



Annecy: A Fairytale Town


If this isn’t the most quintessential French/Italian village, we don’t know what is.  How have we never heard of this place?  Annecy would be a charming and sleepy little destination for a romantic weekend getaway or a family wanting to enjoy Europe without all the complications of a big city.  Read below for Pip’s travel highlights.




Things to Do:

Walk through Old Town

Shop the Notre Dame District

Visit enchanting Churches and Cathedrals

Visit breathtaking Castles/Chateaux (Annecy, Ruphy, & Saint-Bernard) and surrounding French towns

Visit and picnic in Semnoz; the closest mountain/ski town with gorgeous lake views

Summer: sailing, windsurfing, cycling, hiking, kayaking, etc.

Winter: skiing, hiking



Annecy: A Fairytale Town



Places to Eat:


Marmillion Boulangerie; best baguette and croissant EVER

Annecy Sunday Market; unbelievable sensory experience not to be missed

Most Restaurants in old town Annecy


If you are loving these highlights and feeling as inspired as we are by these gorgeous photos of Annecy, read Pip’s full blog post at her site Wander Pip.  She tells some fun stories about her visit and while on her site, peruse around for other great travel advice.