Red cabin on a lake in the snow covered mountains of Antarctica


Have you ever wanted to visit Antarctica, the southernmost continent?  People who have travelled there rave about the exhilarating cold and awesomeness of visiting the most untouched place on the planet.  There’s something about the remoteness and emptiness that can’t be exaggerated.  When you travel to Antarctica, it’s just you, your traveling buddies, and the scientists you meet in settlements along the way.  Not only is it refreshingly remote but the landscape of snow and icebergs is a photographer dream not to mention the humpback whale and penguin sittings in their natural habitat.  For all you adventurers out there,  Antarctica is an absolute must-see location!  Travel blogger, Megan Jerrard has been kind enough to share her Antarctic experience with us and fill us in on the top things to do.  Megan was also a guest on our podcast where she discussed how she got started as a travel blogger and her details of her favorite trips, listen here.



Antarctica by Mapping Megan


Grid of Megan standing amongst Antarctica penguins, a whale in the ocean and icebergs.


Planning a trip to Antarctica is no small feat but we believe it’s well worth the time and money.  The Antarctic is a true bucket list destination that will forever fill your life with fond memories of adventure and beauty.  Below, we’ve provided the highlights of Megan’s favorites but if you’re looking for more detail, you’ll definitely want to head over to her blog and read the entire post.



Kayaking (dodging icebergs and navigating icy waters is the best)

Camping (spending the night under the most spectacular night skies)

Wildlife Watching (humpback whales, sea birds, penguins, sea lions)

Hiking/Snowshoeing (great way to stretch legs and see the landscape)

Photography (wildlife & dramatic landscape = photographer dream)

Ice Diving (must have some qualifications but glorious experience)

Polar Plunge (gutsy but exhilarating experience)


If these incredible photos and highlights have you intrigued to read more, head over to Megan’s blog Mapping Megan to read her full post.


Grid of Antarctica penguins and whale sightings - Mapping Megan