Ceta and her boys


Losing a sense of self is a real struggle for most mothers, especially stay-at-home moms.  The demands placed on a woman early on in motherhood are intense.  Social lives and sleep become a thing of the past.  The days and weeks blur as you focus all your attention on your little one(s).  Everything becomes about your child which, in the beginning, is absolutely necessary but if you aren’t careful to take some time for yourself, it’s easy to end up frustrated, lonely, and disillusioned.  We recently interviewed Ceta Walters (listen here) and enjoyed hearing her take on the issue.  She says: ‘you have to place the oxygen mask on yourself before you can take care of anyone else’ and we completely agree.  Ceta began her lifestyle blog, Clark & Stone as a way of reconnecting with herself and writing about all her passions: motherhood, fashion, and travel.



Ceta is a Chicago based lifestyle blogger and mother with a great passion for both fashion and travel.  After having two beautiful boys, she gradually began to lose a sense of herself.  I think most mothers can relate.  She writes about her struggle and journey refilling her bucket and learning to be kind to herself.  She explains what her ‘oxygen mask’ is comprised of and offers sound advice for anyone in a similar boat.  Ceta began her blog as a means to feed, once again, into her passions.  She quickly realized that having a hobby/side hustle was exactly what she needed.  It’s a way of sharing herself with all of us and interestingly, starting the blog helped her begin spending time on herself in other areas as well (spending time with friends, getting a pedicure, exercising, etc).  She also mentions that prioritizing time with friends and family are equally important ‘oxygen mask’ activities.  Taking a break to have lunch with a girlfriend or getting away for a weekend are powerful ways to refresh and rejuvenate yourself.  For all her thoughts on the issue, read her post How I Maintain My Sense Of Self After Becoming A Mom and make sure to check out some of her great fashion finds and travel recommendations as well.



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