I think we all struggle in our busy and oh so filled up lives to find little moments of solitude for reflection and pleasure. Truth is, these moments for most of us, must be created and built in otherwise they will never happen. We love Caitlin Flemming’s post about ‘Creating Me Time’, a great reminder for us all to be more purposeful with our daily blocks of time.





With parking becoming more of a hassle everyday, I have started leaving the car behind and using UBER to get around town. It’s so great to be able to get where you need to go with the simple touch of a button. I have used UBER all over the world, and I’m finding even when I’m at home, it can make the stress just melt away. It’s so convenient and it’s a reliable way to get around town.



Today I needed a stress-free day to recharge my battery. With two littles at home, I’m pretty much going non-stop day and night. I decided to start my day at Equator Coffee by Fort Mason. I just recently became a coffee drinker and I love their coffee. I found the perfect spot outdoors to catch up on what I needed to accomplish this week. The view of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge wasn’t bad either! Then I took a quick walk to Chrissy Field. Since I didn’t bring a car, I could easily get an UBER. It’s such an efficient and hassle-free way to get around. And when I’ve used them in other countries, the drivers were so knowledgeable about the cities I was visiting, I would often end up changing my plans!  To read the full post, visit her site at Sacramento Street.