It’s that time of year folks.  We have been curling up and staying in with friends and family as much as possible this season.  Our favorite holiday tunes have been playing for a couple of weeks, the kitchen is being used to its fullest, and the tree is trimmed.  As holiday stressors pop-up, we try and choose joy while being reflective on all we have.  Our family traditions are in full-swing and helping to keep us mindful of the love we have for one another.  We’re always curious about what others’ traditions look like.  How do you and loved ones celebrate the season?  We’ve gathered up some of our favorites below so whether you’re on the hunt for some new and fun traditions or merely enjoy reading what others are up to, this one’s for you.  Merry Christmas everyone!


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This one seems obvious but there’s something so heart-warming about making the family favorites year after year.  Who doesn’t want to walk into a home filled with those familiar Christmas smells coming from the kitchen as everyone works together to create beautiful treats.  Here are some fun traditions to consider.

  • Bake up a big batch of your specialties and deliver to them to your neighbors:  Julie’s family gathers together with friends every year and spends a day making a big batch of toffee while eating chili and playing backgammon (don’t miss this gorgeous backgammon set from our gift list).
  • Make sugar cookies and have a frosting party with tons of colored frosting and festive toppings:  Jade’s family does this every year. They take this seriously and enjoy getting really artistic about it.  Get that Christmas music playing and roll up your sleeves.
  • Find a recipe that represents your family’s heritage and make that every year.
  • Throw a children’s Christmas cookie-making party.  Everyone gets to bring home a mixed box of cookies.


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Group Fun

Let’s be honest, staying in and spending time with loved ones is the best.  Here are some ideas for things to do together.

  • Take an annual trip to the nearest skating rink with friends and family then enjoy a hot cocoa.
  • Pile in a vehicle, put on Christmas music, and drive around looking at Christmas lights.
  • Throw a holiday party and then hit a couple neighbors homes for caroling.
  • Invite a few close friends or family to have a picnic complete with hot cocoa.
  • Watch a favorite holiday movie with popcorn and Christmas cookies.
  • Have a family breakfast the day after Christmas for extended family and friends.

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Giving Back

We are always on the lookout for ways to give back during the holidays.  After all, true Christmas spirit is about spreading hope, love, and joy to those around us.  Below are a few ideas.

  • Sponsor a family or child in need. (This is always rewarding, check out Operation Christmas Child or Salvation Army’s Angel Tree for ideas on getting involved)
  • Bake treats for your local police or fire department.
  • Visit with the folks at the local homeless shelter, elderly homes, or hospitals.  Sometimes just feeling like you matter as a person can really uplift someone.  (As a family member of ours is battling cancer this Christmas season, we are reminded of the value of simply sitting by someone as they navigate a harder season of life)
  • Support our troops through your local USO programs or visit families of deployed military members as they spend the holidays without their loved one.



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