Are you as obsessed with floral prints as we are?  Chandler DeHart has found such a perfect day-to-night dress in black floral print.  We are loving it.  Check out all of her amazing looks at Candidly Chan.  Additionally, Chandler was a guest on our podcast and shared all about her life and offered great advice, listen here. 




No, I have no French background.  I have never been to France.  I took 6 years of Spanish and that is thee only other language I can even remotely understand outside of English. The only other thing I know how to say in French is like, “hi”.

Fleurs just sounds prettier than flowers and I’m feeling fancy today.  That’s all.

I lied.  That’s not all.  I’m also sitting at a perfectly quaint little outdoor bookstore/coffee shop at a very Parisian looking table and chairs.  Granted I’m in the middle of my beloved Atlanta, GA, hours and hours from the Eiffel, but let a girl daydream on a Friday, would ya?!



Anyhow, my obsession with flowers runs true and deep in my blood.  Some of my earliest memories are with my great grandmother in her flower garden.  I would choose what I wanted and take them inside for her to teach me how to cut them so that they would stay alive the longest.  She had a thumb so green she could probably so much as touch a long dead plant and it would instantaneously revive back to life.  As a matter of fact all of my grandmothers and great grandmothers were very keen on having fresh plants and flowers EVERYWHERE so it would be in my genes, really.  My dearest Grandma Jean actually creates a plant sanctuary in her sewing room each winter, fully equipped with industrial heat lamps to make sure all of her larger outdoor babies have a place to grow through the cold months.  Gloria Jean, if you’re reading this, just know that if I was a plant I would want to spend all my winters in your sewing room.

Our family’s farm really just seems to be a place where plants and flowers and hay grow and thrive without any regard to the weather patterns.  Basically I just took a trip down memory lane to emphasize the fact that my crazy plant lady status is nothing new to me.  I come by it quite honest.

In short, flowers make me very happy and every summer I tend to collect more and more floral pieces, not only living, but also in my wardrobe.  This GG maxi dress is my newest addition and I loving it.  Catch me at all the outdoor summer weddings and Sunday brunches in this bad boy.  Also, can we appreciate that it’s also a BLACK floral maxi dress.  Because florals can get girly real fast and you all know that’s not quite how I roll.


Candidly Chan