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Who doesn’t have a serious love affair with pizza?  Our obsession is strong and our memories of  enjoying pizza with friends and family run deep.  There’s something so comforting and delicious about a pizza pie but when an autoimmune disease forces a grain-free diet, we’ve got problems.  Enter these life-saving pizza dough recipes by the Paleo Running Momma and Sunkissed Kitchen.  They both deliver the right consistency along with flavor to hold our favorite toppings and feed our need for yummy pizza.  



Our Favorite Grain-Free Pizza Dough Recipes


Prepping grain free pizza


During my (Jade here) childhood and formative years, my family had a fun tradition of making homemade pizza together on Friday nights.  My parents would put on some tunes as we all made our way to the kitchen to cook, talk, sing, and laugh.  Sometimes, we would have friends over and invite them into the tradition.  It became an almost therapeutic time to shake off whatever sort of day or week we’d had, laugh together, and enjoy getting our hands busy cooking.  To this day, as I’m all grown up and raising my own children, I have vivid memories of those nights.  I love the way yeast smells, the feel of kneading dough, and the fun of punching it down with my brothers after the first rise.  I still enjoying slicing all my favorite toppings and smelling the homemade sauce simmering away on the stove.

Following an autoimmune disease diagnosis years back, I spent some time experimenting with diets and medications that worked best to keep my flareups to a minimum.  I’ve landed on a grain-free and anti-inflammatory diet.  The number one meal I’ve missed most is hands-down, pizza!  After trying many grain-free pizza dough recipes, this one from Paleo Running Momma and this one from Sunkissed Kitchen are my favorites.  First, they are pretty quick and can be done and rolled out in about 35 minutes.  Secondly, and this is the biggest deal, the consistency acts and tastes as close to real dough as you can get without gluten.  Let’s be honest, a grain free pizza dough is never going to be as good as the real thing but these recipes get you close.  Give them a try and enjoy!


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