GRLKND is all about empowering woman and being a positive force for good.


We recently interviewed travel blogger Milly Bannister on our podcast (listen here).  We were thrilled to learn all about her exciting new project GRLKND.  So what is GRLKND?  Her tag is “Like mankind. But not at all”.  Essentially, Milly and her team are aiming to empower young woman to be kind to themselves before others (not in the rude, ‘me first’ sort of way, but in the ‘we are all equal, I need to take care of myself’ kind of way).  Putting oneself first is not a philosophy that’s taught to most young and impressionable girls.  Unintentionally, the message that sticks with most girls is to put themselves second or sometimes even last.  It’s engrained within us to nurture and take care of others but in the process, we often fail to take care of ourselves.  Boys usually get the upper hand in sports and leadership which tends to spill over into careers and relationships later in life.  What results is a society where men rule and woman are still knocking on the glass ceiling.  GRLKND is looking to level the playing field. After all, we are ALL human.  Visit Milly’s website to find out more information about her project and how she’s executing her ideas. 


GRLKND – What they are all about:

What is GRLKND