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The very best hostess gift guide for the coolest crowd, that’s you!  We’ve all been there, the one party we’ve been looking forward to for weeks is quickly approaching and we are scrambling to find the perfect gift for the hostess who has undoubtedly been working hard for weeks in preparation of their guests’ arrival.

Gift giving by definition is meant to be thoughtful, so presenting your host with a little something shows you care and appreciate their efforts.  While we can all agree, no one wants to show up to a party empty handed, finding the right gift can often times feel tedious and leave us feeling unoriginal.

To solve this all too often dilemma, we have curated a concise yet fantastic group of creative gifts that will have your host singing your praises long after the party has ended.  These items are tried and personally used by us.  Each come highly recommended and sure to please.

This list may be small but its mighty.  A quick google search and you’ll find list like the “55 best hostess gifts of all time” or “100 unique hostess gifts” and while those sort of list can be fun and serve a purpose, what we really need in our lives is a list of a few tried and true resources that we can trust and come back to again and again.  THIS IS THAT LIST.

(Note: None of the products found in this post are sponsored or affiliate marketing, just simply our suggestions and unbiased opinions.  In other words, we really do dig this list.)



Teak and Twine – “Creative People Deserve Creative Gifts”

Hostess gift idea from We Get to Know - Teak and Twine gift box

My love affair with Teak and Twine began about a year ago when I stubbled across their Instagram feed and fell head over heals with their perfectly curated gift boxes featuring some of my absolute favorite brands.  I immediately asked for one for my upcoming birthday (is that bad?) and was over the top delighted when it arrived.  Trust me when I say, their gift boxes hit it out of the park and would put a major smile on any host’s face.  Starting at just $47 for gift boxes or $22 for candles, you’ll find something in any price range.   I’ve worked in the corporate world for years and at times had the responsibility to send corporate gifts to clients.  I often felt my options were limited to the cellophane wrapped food baskets of yesteryear (no offense to any cellophane wrapped food baskets of course, there are some incredible ones out there).  Let’s just say, that’s not a problem anymore – Teak and Twine are firmly planted at the top of my list for gift giving these days and a quick surveillance of their website and you’ll agree.  Need a little extra nudge?  Teak and Twine have a give back program where a portion of all proceeds go to America’s Vet Dogs, an organization that trains service dogs for veterans with disabilities.



Round Pond Estate – Olive Oil, Wine Vinegar, Citrus Syrups and incredible Wine

Olive oil from Round Pond

A few years ago I took a trip to Napa, California with a group of friends to run the Napa to Sonoma half marathon.  Perhaps looking back the word “run” is a bit of a stretch for my personal experience but I was greeted with a wine glass at the finish line in the quaint downtown square in the heart of Sonoma just like the first place finisher, so I felt accomplished.  One of my favorite experiences from this trip was our olive oil tasting at the Round Pond Estate.  While I could go on and on about their incredible wine and other goodies today I’ll share our olive oil tour experience.

Our tour began next to their imported Mediterranean olive trees where we learned how each olive is harvested and then cold pressed in their on-site stone mill in small lots to ensure vibrant freshness in every bottle.  We were taught how to slurp and properly taste (prepare to cough) the oil during the lovely sit down meal they provided.  This experience was such a delight and exceeded our expectations and I simply can’t recommend it enough to anyone headed to the California wine country.  We all left happy and of course loaded down with a few of our favorites bottles from the tasting.  Buying quality olive oil is extremely important, it offers many health benefits that simply cannot be found in junk oils that front as extra virgin olive oil so be careful and know the facts before you buy.   Any kitchen loving host would love a bottle or two of Round Pond olive oils – bursting with flavor and of the highest quality while presented in their signature bottle.  My favorite is their Spanish variety but the Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon are right behind.  Shop the oils here



Nest Fragrances – Scented Candles

We are hooked on Nest Candles

The most classic of all hostess gifts, the candle.  All candles are not alike, some burn quickly to the core leaving heaps of wax on all sides, or they offer the black ribbon of smoke that fills the air if a wick is not properly poured, or worse yet, some fill the home with the smell of cheap chemical perfumes.  These issues are all avoided with Nest candles.  I attended a party a while back and upon entering the home my senses were delighted by the most perfect scent.  You know how some candles don’t seem to fill the home or even the room for that matter?  Well this was the exact opposite, the entire space was welcoming you with the gentle come hither scent.  Of course I was intrigued being a candle lover (ahem, obsessed) myself and had to know what exactly was delighting my nose.  I learned it was the Nest Classic Bamboo Candle and I’ve since burned this exact candle quite a few in my own home.  I also love their Moroccan Amber and the White Camellia but quite frankly they are all lovely so you can’t make a mistake.  So if you opt for this beloved classic gift we highly recommend Nest Candles, sure to be a hit with any recipient.



Olive & Cocoa – Unique Gifts, Flowers and Gourmet Gift Baskets

Olive & Cocoa flowers and gift box

I don’t recall how I found out about Olive & Cocoa’s goldmine of gift giving but once I knew I’ve came back again and again to shop its goods.  I’ve ordered for myself and sent their beautiful floral arrangements time and time again to others.  Each perfectly presented in either their signature wooden boxes (perfect for storing mementos long after the flowers are gone) or a similarly cool vessel that is not only loaded with the most fresh and beautiful flowers but also topped with their signature moss to keep it all tucked in nicely when shipped.  Trust me when I say these flowers are the perfect gift to send after a party as a thank you.  They are gorgeous, unique and never fluffed with fillers.

Do you remember earlier when I was discussing the boredom of old school corporate gift buying?  Well Olive & Cocoa has cured that 100%.  In addition to their gorgeous floral arrangements, they are known for their wooden crates loaded with the most enticing and delectable treats.  Maybe you attend a ton of holiday parties… need to buy in bulk?  You can even have your corporate or family logo burned into the side with their hot iron branding option.  Okay, maybe I got a bit excited telling you about these gourmet gift boxes so lets wrangle it back in to the simple hostess gift again.  Flowers and food are always great options to send after a great party, so check out Olive & Cocoa to do just that, I can honestly say it will be met with a thankful heart.


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