Kileen of cuteandlittle.com is 5′ tall and her goal is to offer relevant advice to those who share the same issues in finding clothes that fit without always having to go to the tailor.  She started her blog in 2010 as a space to share her daily outfits and inspire others who love to look styled and put together.  While wearing a cute outfit may seem frivolous at first, Kileen knows that having a fabulous look that you love has the magical ability to make you feel good and therefore do good!  Listen in as we learn about all the aspects of Kileen’s life including marriage, motherhood, balance, travel etc.



Loves and Links:

Kileen’s Favorite Designer: Marissa Webb

Kileen’s Favorite Brick & Mortar Store:  Nordstrom

Kileen’s Favorite App:  Like to Know It & Feedly

What Kileen’s into:  Sleep Styler (nightime hair curlers)

Kileen’s Favorite Instagram:  Jean Wang, Len ParentAlyson Haley

Kileen’s Favorite Beauty Product:  Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

Kileen’s Favorite Motto:  ‘Happiness is a Choice’

Kileen’s Favorite Drink:  Milky Oolong Tea

Julie’s Favorite Leggings:  Outdoor Voices leggings


Connect with Kileen:

Blog:  https://www.cuteandlittle.com

Instagram:  @cutenlittle


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