Castle architecture and angles at Montpellier, France


Montpellier is situated in the South of France, perfectly placed near Mediterranean beaches and mountains alike.  The old town is a walkers’ city with picturesque boulevards, family-run bakeries, and white sandy beaches nearby.  It’s a scholarly city due to its prestigious university and with that, comes plenty to do and see.  Montpellier is oftentimes missed in our travel planning compared to more well-known cities like Toulouse and Marseilles but don’t miss it, it’s a gem.  We are grateful to Eileen Rhein, the girl-boss behind Light Travels Faster for sharing her thoughts and photos from a recent trip to France.  We spoke with Eileen on our podcast (listen here) and were delighted to hear about her passion for life and unbelievable ambition.  She’s a tough NYC lawyer, adrenaline junkie, yoga enthusiast, professional dancer, and classical violinist.  Listen in and be inspired by her story and joie de vivre.



Visit Montpellier, France – The Historic Jewel


Bridge at Montpellier, France

Photo Credit: Eileen Rhein


Eileen has travelled to France over 20 times and says she was completely surprised by the splendor of Montpellier.  You guys, it’s got it all: history, architecture, beaches, castles, pedestrian-only streets, incredible french food including cute little cafes and boulangeries at every corner etc.  It’s only a 4-hour train ride south from Paris and settled in France’s Languedoc-Roussillon region.  There is an abundance of gorgeous high-end and boutique hotels – anything the heart desires.  Eileen suggests spending a solid day or two wandering the quaint streets and taking in the history of Montpellier’s old town.  One of the greatest aspects of this city is that it’s largely unknown to the rest of the world so you won’t find huge tourist crowds abounding.  If we have you intrigued, head over to Eileen’s website Light Travels Faster and read all the details of her trip.  Her photos will seal the deal as you read along and become romanced by all that Montpellier has to offer.



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