Loving All The Vibes - Sheer Vanity Sonia. We love Sonia's style and artistic fashion edge. Never trendy, always cool. Sheer Vanity Sonia


Sonia Thiyam is the brains, beauty and creative force behind the fashion and beauty blog, Sheer Vanity Sonia.  Sonia grew up in Northeastern India, in the state of Manipur, which is largely isolated from the rest of India.

We absolutely love Sonia’s style, from her cool street vibe, to mixing high and low, to her minimal monochromatic looks that are effortless and uber chic.  She somehow pairs colors, textures and silhouettes and they just WORK.  Sonia inspires us to all step outside of our box!



We are loving Sonia's fashion vibes. Edgy and artistic.


We are loving Sonia's fashion vibes. Edgy and artistic.


In this post we have pulled some of our favorite looks from Sonia.  She is all about bucking current trends in favor of classics that never go out of style.  But, don’t mistake her classic style as simple. We are inspired by the pairing of her relaxed fit pant and a crisp white button down shirt or an edgy leather jacket during the day.  Furthermore, Sonia is greatly influenced by a love of the arts and this is visible in everything Sonia does – from her photographs, to scouting locations and all the way down to finding the perfect accessories to complete her looks.  Sonia truly has an artistic edge.

We connected with Sonia on a few personal levels during our podcast interview, mainly the idea of putting yourself out there with confidence all the while not quite feeling confident on the inside.  For a long time Sonia would not leave her home without full makeup but over time she has learned to see her beauty from the inside and goes makeup free quite often now. However, we must add that we think she is beautiful on the inside and out.  Cheers to you Sonia for your personal growth that inspires all of us who sometimes don’t feel the confidence to be ourselves.

She was such a great guest on our fashion podcast, you can listen to it here.  Visit to learn more about Sonia and her cool classic style.


We are loving Sonia's fashion vibes. Edgy and artistic.