The Mexican artisans behind Mi Golondrina posing


We are completely smitten with every single Mi Golondrina product.  Each item in the collection begins in the small villages of Mexico, hand-stitched by creative and powerful artisans.  Their attention to detail and quality brings joy to everyone wearing these one-of-a-kind pieces.  We recently spoke with the founder Cristina Lynch and found ourselves enthralled and inspired by her journey.  We chat about the creation of her successful business, her caring relationship with the artisans in Mexico, and how the work they do together is impacting the lives of these woman and men as well as their communities.  Listen in to the podcast episode and be inspired by her story.



grid pictures of Mexican women artisans behind Mi Golondrina products


Cristina makes it a great priority to know and be in relationship with the Mexican artisans working on her products.  One of her newest pieces is called the Ema Cielo.  It’s a gorgeous three-quarter striped blouse with white hand-embroidered designs.  Mothers and daughters work together on these centuries old embroidery traditions and on a recent visit, Cristina was touched to meet with the 14 women artisans.  They are filled with immense pride and empowerment for the attention to detail they put into their work.

If you aren’t familiar with Mi Golondrina brand, visit their website here and you’ll immediately find yourself inspired and in love with their products.  Cristina is truly bridging the gap between the modern woman’s wardrobe and the rich traditions of Mexico.  Products include hand-embroidered cotton shirts, dresses, pillows, and skirts.  Also, don’t miss their many pop-up events around the country (search events here).  You’ll enjoy knowing that each handmade item takes about one month to complete and every time you where it, you’ve connected yourself to the artisans who’ve made them.



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