Morgan Harper Nichols Artwork and Poetry - Light Pours In


Have you had a rough month or year?  Do you feel overwhelmed and disconnected?  You aren’t alone.  Sometimes just having another person hear your story is enough to let hope in.  There is power in the human connection which is why we love Morgan Harper Nichols.  She’s an artist and writer and in 2017, she started a project inviting people to submit their stories to her website.  From there, she creates a piece of art inspired by what she’s read, and then sends them the art as a gift. We recently interviewed her on our podcast (listen here) and were deeply moved by her generosity of spirit towards others.  She tells about her process for writing poetry and the inspiration behind her project to write for others.  Although she’s a deep and reflective person, we were delighted to find out she’s down earth and lighthearted.  Listen in to hear her story.



When The Light Pours In


We love Morgan’s poetry and her ability to empathize.  With only a sentence or two, she offers hope and strength.  Morgan writes:

Light is still pouring through. The mere fact that you have felt morning light pour in through the window and onto your skin means something. You are alive. Through it all, you are alive.’


‘In the most subtle of things, may you find real joy in living in hallways and interactions and all of the world’s imperfections there are still these places where the light gets in.’

There is power in focusing on the light; the good in our lives however small it may appear.  If you’re looking for daily inspiration and encouragement, make sure to look into Morgan and all the beauty she’s bringing to the world.  Visit her website Morgan Harper Nichols for more moving poetry on light and be inspired to find those areas in your own life.



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