Headshot of Alyssa Melendez in black lace


Alyssa Melendez is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and recently posted on her obsession with lace.  Whether it be in your lingerie drawer or snuck into your everyday wear, we couldn’t agree more.  It’s such a simple way to add a little femininity, romance, and allure to an otherwise ordinary outfit.  From a baptism or wedding dress to dark colored sexy evening gowns, lace encompasses so much symbology and emotion.  Why not think about adding a little more to your repertoire.  Read below for ideas on where to buy beautiful lace garments and for more inspiring fashion tips, check out Alyssa’s blog, The Haute Brunette.  Alyssa was also a guest on our podcast, listen here.



Why is The Haute Brunette obsessed with lace?  It all started when she was in Spain recently attending a historic event witnessing a friend become the 50th Grand Master of the Order of San Lazaro.  Part of the Dame, female knight uniform is beautiful black lace mantilla.  A mantilla is piece of silk or lace that rests from a clip that’s worn at the top of a woman’s hair.  The fabric drapes down from the clip to cover her hair and shoulders.  This is typically worn in a Spanish Catholic Church.

Alyssa was so impressed by the beauty, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.


grid photos of Alyssa Melendez posing in black lace dress


Top 2 Stores for purchasing lace:

Tissura Fabrics 

chantilly lace (the best french lace)


If this summary peaks your interest, head over to Alyssa’s blog to read the full post and we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by her site and the fantastic lifestyle resource that it is.