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Alizah had no intention of becoming a travel influencer when she graduated college but knew she didn’t want to settle down quite yet.  She decided to take her first trip to Southeast Asia instead of getting a “real job,” making no initial plans to create a career out of traveling.  However, that’s exactly what unfolded as she developed a love for photography and shared her adventures with others, amassing over 150K followers in the span of two years.  She’s worked with companies like AirBnB, The Four Seasons, American Express and Samsung to name a few through beautifully sponsored content.  Her travel blog Spark of Wanderlust is a fantastic resource for travel itineraries, choosing hotels, and style tips.  Her hopes are to see every part of the world and is slowly making that happen while she continues to develop her online business ventures.  We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Alizah and hearing her story.

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Loves and Links:

Alizah’s Current Travel Essentials:  Packing Cubes and anti-wrinkle clothing spray

Alizah’s Favorite US City:  Denver, CO

Alizah’s Favorite International City:  Paris (studied and lived there)

Alizah’s Advice:  ‘Really work on being genuine both on social media but mainly in all of life

Alizah’s Favorite Instagram:  Gypsea Lust, Sincerely Jules

Alizah’s Favorite Travel Planning Website:  Sky Scanner

Alizah’s Current Netflix Pick:  Dear White People

Alizah’s Favorite Beauty Product:  face masks

Alizah’s Current Favorite Book:  Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Alizah’s Life Advice:  ‘Don’t ever undersell yourself’

Alizah’s Current Favorite Song:  Anything by Khalid

Julie’s Favorite Girl Trip Location:  Tulum, Mexico (stayed at Casa Malca)


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Blog:  sparkofwanderlust.com

Instagram:  @sparkofwanderlust


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