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Alyssa Melendez is a fashion blogger and social media influencer.  Alyssa is charismatic and authentically herself.  She began her blog The Haute Brunette in 2014 after some disappointments with life and wanting to start fresh.  She used the opportunity to explore writing, researching, and photography and mainly to learn more about herself.  Alyssa has a refreshing simplicity to her style, whether it be her fashion advice, health tips or life ideals.  Alyssa is a real inspiration and we know you’ll love listening in to this interview and hearing all about her life.

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Loves and Links:

Alyssa’s Favorite Designer:  Yves St-Laurent

Alyssa’s Current Favorite App:  Hotel Tonight

Alyssa’s Favorite Book:  Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, MD

Alyssa’s Favorite Instagram:  The Ellen Show, The Blonde Salad, Kardashian Clips

Alyssa’s Favorite City:  Madrid, Spain

Alyssa’s Current Favorite Netflix:  Santa Clarita Diet, OA, Grace and Frankie

Alyssa’s Favorite Motto:  ‘Get over it’

Alyssa’s Favorite Life Advice:  The strength that you summon during the hardest times of your life will improve you in profound ways

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Blog:  thehautebrunette.com

Instagram:  @thehautebrunette


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