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It was a real pleasure talking to Anne Sage, the founder of the popular design blog annesage.com.  After graduating from Stanford, Anne found herself living in NYC working as a consumer strategist but not totally sold on the direction of her life.  With a strong interest in design and all things pretty,  Anne began her blog in 2008 and the rest is history.  She is naturally creative and constantly coming up with great business ideas.  She co-founded Rue Magazine; a gorgeous online design and entertainment magazine filled with incredible lifestyle inspiration.  She also founded a beautiful and successful event studio in Los Angeles, called Light Lab.  This space is used for marketing and advertising projects with brands like Food Network, Disney, and Lay’s.  

In this interview, Anne tells her story and talks about how she splits her time between maintaining her social platforms and offering client services in art direction and photo styling, interior design, and social media consulting.  She tells a bit about growing up in Canada and her love of British television.  Anne currently lives in beautiful Southern California with her husband and their 4 pets.  


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Loves and Links:

Anne is the co-founder of:  Rue Magazine

Anne Loves:  Stumptown Coffee & Brim automatic pour-over coffee machine

Anne’s Most Important Budget Accessory:  faux flowers or plants

Anne’s Favorite Indoor Plant:  Audrey Ficus

Anne’s Current Favorite Book:  City of Women by David Gillham

Anne’s Tips:  ‘Your greatest design asset is your patience.  A beautifully crafter space takes time.

Anne’s Favorite Instagram:  Mouth Breather, Neon Talk, Dr. Pimple Popper

Anne’s Favorite App:  Pocket Meditation Timer

Anne’s Motto:  ‘How you do one thing is how you do everything’

Anne’s Current Favorite Beauty Products:  True Botanicals

Anne’s Favorite City:  Toronto, Ontario

Anne’s Current Favorite Song:  Bach’s Invention No. 14

Anne’s Current Favorite Netflix:  Bodyguard

Anne’s Favorite Life Advice:  ‘It’s ok not to like and to change your mind


Host to Host Chat:

Julie’s Favorite Online Store:  ABC Home

A Favorite Austin Store:  Wildflower

Tedra’s Favorite Online Store:  Schoolhouse Electric


Connect with Anne

Website:  annesage.com

Instagram:  @citysage


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