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Bailey Ryan is the woman behind the successful food blog Whole Kitchen Sink.  She has an incredible weight-loss story which she openly shares with us in this episode.  After hearing about Whole30 from a good friend, she read through Melissa and Dallas Hartwig’s book It Starts With Food and was inspired to complete a round of the program.  At the end of the month, she had lost 22 pounds and never felt better.  Her sleep and energy levels had drastically improved.  Additionally, she was able to quit smoking and even noticed a boost to her moods.  Since then, she’s lost over 125 pounds following a paleo lifestyle.  Bailey’s weight-loss journey hasn’t merely yielded a smaller silhouette.  She’s also learned how to cook nourishing and tasty meals and how to move her body including the completion of her first half marathon.  Bailey is passionate about helping and encouraging anyone going through a similar struggle.  The honesty with which she shares her life is an inspiration to many.  Listen in, and Get to Know Bailey.

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Loves and Links:

Bailey’s Podcast:  A Little Salty Podcast

Bailey’s Tip:  ‘There is no shortcut for hard work

Bailey was inspired by:  It Starts With Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig

Bailey’s Favorite Snack:  RX Bars

Bailey’s Netflix Pick:  Gilmore Girls & Law and Order SVU

Bailey’s Favorite Instagram:  Fit Foodie Finds, Glennon Doyle, Ali’s Whole Life

Bailey’s Favorite App:  Instacart

Bailey’s Motto:  ‘Say no if your heart’s not in it and if your heart is in it, don’t take no for an answer’

Bailey’s Girl Crush:  Michelle Obama

Bailey’s Current Favorite Song:  No Diggity by Blackstreet & Dr Dre

Bailey’s Favorite City:  Positano, Italy

Bailey Would Love to Have Coffee With:  Viktor Frankl 

Bailey is Inspired By:  Mark Sisson (Mark’s Daily Apple

Bailey’s Favorite Life Advice:  ‘The way you chose to show up is what will show up for you’


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Blog:  wholekitchensink.com

Instagram:  @wholekitchensink


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