Carmen Sturdy preps in the kitchen.

Carmen grew up in Vancouver Canada with a family who loved to eat.  She spent a lot of her childhood in the kitchen watching her mom prepare inventive dishes.  After graduating from University, Carmen moved to London, England where she started a career in investment banking.  However, she spent every weekend in the kitchen cooking for friends or traveling around Europe and trying new cuisines.

On this episode Carmen chats about how, at the age of 26, she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis which is an autoimmune disease similar to Crohns Disease.  She spent months in and out of hospitals and doctors offices and was prescribed an endless amount of medication with terrible side effects.  She began to research other options for treatment and came across the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which lowers inflammation in the body, allowing it to naturally heal.  The diet is very restrictive and she was heartbroken at the limited number of bland and boring compliant recipes found online.  She stuck to the diet and within 6 months was in drug free remission.  As a result, she decided to create a blog to show others that although the diet is restrictive you can make delicious dishes.  Carmen has seen great success and last year was able to quit her job in finance to blog full-time.


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Loves and Links:

Carmen’s Tip:  ‘Whatever it is, go for it…no regrets

Carmen’s Netflix Pick:  Real Housewives & Vanderpump Rules

Carmen’s Favorite App:  Moment & Recipe IQ

Carmen’s Favorite Instagram:  Erin Foster, Sara Foster, What’s Gaby Cooking, Atticus Poetry

Carmen’s Motto:  ‘Always look for the positive’

Carmen’s Celebrity Crush:  Bobby Flay

A Favorite City:  Vancouver Canada

Carmen is Inspired By:  Ina Garten

Carmen’s Favorite Life Advice:  ‘Don’t be intimidated by others; everyone wakes up and puts their pants on one leg at a time’


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Instagram:  @everylastbite_


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