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Eileen Rhein is an incredibly inspiring woman hailing from western Canada but is now based in New York City.  Not only is she a successful social media travel influencer but she’s also a tough NYC lawyer, adrenaline junkie, yoga enthusiast, professional dancer, and classical violinist.  We were blown away by her ambition and passion to live life to the absolute fullest.  You may be wondering how someone accomplishes so much.  She shared one tip; she keeps an ongoing to-do list on her phone to help be as productive as possible with her life.  Eileen has traveled to over 60 countries and as a result is overflowing with loads of practical travel advice but also a rare joie de vivre.  She’s diligent about answering any travel questions you might have and shared with us during the interview how to research free layovers.  Listen in to hear how she got started and what drives her to be the inspiration that she is today.

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Loves and Links:

Eileen’s Current Travel Essentials:  Bang Olufsen over-ear noise cancelling headphones

Eileen’s Favorite US City:  NYC

Eileen’s Current Favorite International Cities:  Paris, Buenos Aires, TaiPei

Eileen’s Advice:  ‘Keep a running task list to keep you ordered and productive

Eileen’s Favorite Instagram:  Ohh Couture, Casey Neistat, Juanpa Zurita

Eileen’s Favorite App:  Airbnb

Eileen’s Current Netflix Pick:  Lilyhammer

Eileen’s Girlcrush:  Charlize Theron

Eileen’s Favorite Travel Magazines:  Travel & LeisureAfar, Conde Nast Traveler

Eileen’s Life Advice:  ‘We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time’

Eileen’s Current Favorite Song:  Live it Up by Nicky Jam

Eileen’s Motto:  ‘Collect moments not things’

Eileen’s Favorite Bags:  Travelpro Suitcase and Longchamp leather duffle carry-on


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Instagram:  @lighttravelsfaster


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