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Elona Karafin holds a full-time job in NYC while also traveling the world every chance she gets.  She doesn’t have unlimited vacation time but that doesn’t stop her from visiting all her dream destinations.  Her goal is to inspire her readers to think outside the box; to realize that it’s possible to find great deals and travel long distances for short periods of time.  She spends her weekends in places around the world like Bali, Hong Kong, Lisbon, and Geneva and then blogs about it at Elona The Explorer so we can all benefit.

Elona is also a cancer survivor which has impassioned her to start her own charity for underprivileged children with Cancer called Checkmate, Cancer!.  We just love a girl who through her own struggle is inspired to pay it forward.  She mentions on the show that having cancer at the age of 10 is one of the best experiences of her life because it fortified the type of person she is today.  Wow, what an incredible perspective!

The intent of Elona’s work is to encourage us all to think outside the box when it comes to travel, to live life to the fullest and to give back to our communities.  Her site provides tips on travel and where to look for cheaper flights and accommodations.  She also gives unique side-hustle ideas.  She’s not trying to convince you to travel at her pace but instead ditch any mental roadblocks stopping you from experiences all that you desire from life.  Listen in, you’ll getting to know Elona.

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Loves and Links:

Elona’s Travel Jewelry Line:  Nula Jewelry

Elona’s Current Travel Essentials:  Compression Packing Cubes

Elona’s Favorite US City:  Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Eileen’s Advice:  ‘Keep a running task list to keep you ordered and productive

Elona’s Favorite Instagram:  Effortlyss, Of Leather and Lace, Amir Zakeri

Elona’s Favorite App:  Vivino (Search any wine and buy in seconds)

Elona’s Tips:  Keep a gratitude journal & open a Digit App account for saving money

Elona’s Current Netflix Pick:  13 Reasons Why

Elona’s Current Favorite Beauty Product:  Laura Mercier Tinted SPF Moisturizer

Elona’s Celebrity Crush:  Crown Prince of Dubai ‘Fazza

Elona’s Girlcrush:  Meagan Good

What Elona’s Reading:  The Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah by Adam Valen Levinson

Elona’s Life Advice:  ‘It’s all in your head’

Elona’s Current Favorite Song:  I Will Be Here by Tiesto

Elona’s Motto:  ‘You can’t control your situations, only your reactions’

Elona’s Favorite Luggage:  Away


Host to Host Chat:

What Julie’s Reading:  Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

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Instagram:  @elonatheexplorer

Blog:  elonatheexplorer.com


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