We were excited to chat with Emily Gellis on this episode, she is based in New York City and is the digital content creator behind The Snap Stylist on instagram.  We chat about all things fashion, her initial handbag company and her love of Levi’s 501 jeans.  Her lasting advice is to be authentic, be yourself and have fun.  We couldn’t agree more!

Emily’s love of fashion has given her the platform to carve out a career as a virtual stylist.  What exactly is a virtual stylist?  Emily was getting so many request from friends that she started putting together looks and posting them on her Instagram stories which led to her working with clients directly.  It’s a rather unique spin on the fashion blogger career.  We really hope you enjoy getting to know her.


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Loves and Links:

Emily’s Favorite Designer:  Givenchy

Emily’s Handbag Company:  Emily Cho 

Emily’s Current Favorite App:  Juno

Emily’s Favorite Brick & Mortar Store:  The Webster

Emily’s Favorite Jeans:  Levis 501 cropped (like this)

Emily’s Favorite Beauty Product:  Buxom Lip Plumper

Emily’s Current Favorite Netflix:  Sopranos and The Crown (also Southern Charm on Bravo)

Emily’s Current Favorite Song:  No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande

Emily’s Favorite Motto:  ‘Life is short, be happy’

Emily’s Favorite Life Advice:  Be yourself, be authentic, and have fun


Connect with Emily:

Instagram:  @emilygellis


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