Podcast chat with Holly & Natalie, The Modern Proper


We were absolutely thrilled to chat with Natalie and Holly, the ladies behind the widely loved food blog; The Modern Proper.  While walking a trail in the Pacific Northwest, these two friends dreamed up an idea to start a food blog that would reinvent the idea of hospitality for the modern homemaker.  Their recipes are inspired by local, seasonal ingredients, made from scratch, and either created by themselves or adapted from recipes that have inspired them.  Their food is gorgeous, approachable, and all the things we want to eat.  With their shared love for food, creating, and hosting—they inspire the seasoned cook and novice alike.  They inspire us to rediscover hospitality by opening up our homes and tables to gather, cook, and share life with one another.

In this episode we discuss the genesis of their blog, how and why hospitality is the cornerstone of their work, plus how they balance life and work while raising their families.   We discuss intermittent fasting, the four pivotal moments in their career thus far, and what they envision for their future.  We absolutely loved our chat with Holly and Natalie, listen in to hear their story.

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Loves and Links:

Natalie & Holly’s Favorite Kitchen Gadgets:  Vitamix & Immersion Blender (like this one)

Natalie & Holly’s Current Favorite Podcasts:  The Liturgists Podcast, This American Life, Food Blogger Pro, The Chopped Podcast, Good Life Project, The On Being Project

Natalie & Holly’s Tips:  ‘Always start baking in a cold pan

Natalie & Holly’s Favorite Instagram:  Primal Gourmet, The Defined Dish, Julia & Child

Natalie & Holly’s Favorite App:  Trello

Natalie & Holly’s Netflix Picks:  The Crown, True Detective, Jane The Virgin

What Natalie’s Reading:  Outlander Series

Natalie & Holly’s Would Love to Have Coffee With:  Tim Gunn, Julia Child

Natalie & Holly’s Favorite Beauty Products:  Facial Oil like Buca Botanicals & Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil

Natalie’s Celebrity Crush:  Sam Heughen (Jamie Frasier from Outlander)

Natalie & Holly’s Favorite Cities:  Austin, TX & Los Angeles, CA

Natalie & Holly’s Favorite Life Advice:  ‘Be generous (with your time, finances, talents etc.)’


Connect with Natalie & Holly:

Instagram:  @themodernproper

Website:  www.themodernproper.com


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