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Jasmine is a content creator, social media influencer, blogger, and self-declared hippie at heart, which we LOVE.  She knew early on that LA was where her heart was so immediately after her high school graduation, she packed her bags and never looked back.  She was fortunate enough to be discovered walking down Melrose and began booking jobs almost immediately as a model.  This early success eventually transitioned into acting.  After being told that having a large social media presence is an important part of a successful audition, Jasmine decided to pivot and work hard at content creation and building her lifestyle brand on social media platforms.  It’s easy to get lost perusing her feed, she is cool, over the top stylish, and a total inspiration.

Jasmine was a breath of fresh air to chat with in this episode.  We loved hearing how she has created quite a niche for herself in the influencer industry.  She has a hugely empathetic heart that drives her to help the homeless and rescue animals.  She recently launched her own animal rescue charity aptly named Cause4Paws and is currently housing four little rescues of her own.  We are fangirls of Jasmine and hope you will be too, listen in and Get to Know her.


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Loves and Links:

Jasmine’s Animal Rescue Charity:  Cause 4 Paws

Jasmine’s Favorite Designer:  Elie Saab

Jasmine’s Favorite City to Shop in:  NYC

Jasmine’s Current Fitness Obsession:  F45

Jasmine’s Favorite Brick & Mortar Store:  Zara

Jasmine’s Celebrity Crush:  Rob Lowe

Jasmine’s Influencer Tip:  ‘Stay cohesive and know your niche’

Jasmine’s Favorite Instagram:  Tezza MB, Travel In Her Shoes, Bridget

Jasmine’s Favorite Beauty Product:  14 Karat Gold Face Drops

Jasmine’s Girl Crush:  Olivia Culpo

Jasmine’s Life Advice:  ‘Work for what you want; nothing comes free’

Jasmine’s Current Favorite Netflix:  Evil Genius

Jasmine’s Current Favorite Song:  Paris by Chainsmokers

Jasmine’s Motto:  ‘You only live once so make it count’


Host to Host Chat:

Book that Inspired Tedra’s Move to Austin:  A Million Miles In a Thousand Years by Donald Miller


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Instagram:  @jasminedustin


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