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Karilyn Owen is the author and creator of her travel blog, No Back Home.  She is an absolute adventurer at heart!  Since 2000, Karilyn has solo-traveled to 41 countries and another 18 with her little nature obsessed son and husband.  After living nearly a decade in India, they are now based in Los Angeles, California where they are constantly planning their next adventure.  Her blog is a reflection of her interests in the outdoors, explorations around their new home city, and her family travels around the globe as well as some of her favorite travel products.  Additionally, she is a part of a select group of 60+ travel writers, bloggers and photographers who comprise the Travel Bloggers Influencer Network (aka TBIN).  Listen in to this interview and learn all about Karilyn’s story, her obsession with outdoor adventure, exploring different cultures and experiencing the great beauty of the world.

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Loves and Links:

Karilyn’s Favorite US City:  San Francisco   

Karilyn’s Influencer Network:  Travel Bloggers Influencer Network (TBIN)

Karilyn’s ‘Travel with Kids’ Advice:  ‘Involve your kids in the planning and execution of your trips’

Karilyn’s Life Advice:  ‘Live today like it’s your last’

Karilyn’s Current Favorite Bag:  Ebags Mother Lode Weekender Backpack

Karilyn’s Favorite Instagram:  Travel Babbo, Day Trips LA, Bucket List Family

Karilyn’s Current Favorite App:  Snapseed

Karilyn’s Current Netflix Pick:  Amazing Race

Karilyn’s Favorite Beauty Product:  Eos Lip Balm

Karilyn’s Current Favorite Book:  The Lost City of Z by David Grann

Karilyn’s Favorite Motto:  ‘Better to have tried something and failed than never to have tried’

Karilyn’s Current Favorite Song:  ‘Thunder’ by Imagine Dragons


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Blog:  nobackhome.com

Instagram:  @nobackhome


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