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Katharina, otherwise known by her nickname Jecky, is the fashion blogger behind Want Get Repeat.  We love the name of her blog and totally get the idea of wanting something, getting it and then starting the process over again.  Jecky was born in Ukraine but grew up in Germany, which explains her delightful accent.  Growing up she was known as the fashion girl and a crazy shopaholic, so eventually she thought why not legitimize her love of fashion by starting a blog.  So along with her love Nik, they set out to turn her obsession into the blog wantgetrepeat.com.  

Jecky took two years to write her own “About Me” page, why?  She doesn’t actually love writing about herself.  She prefers the subjects of fashion, travel and career.  Her dream was to create her own magazine so with articles on her blog like: That Thing with Dedication, Blogging – A Dream Job?, and How to Add Inspiration to Your Life – she has found the best of both worlds by creating her own content while still posting editorial fashion as well.  Filed under her Motivation Monday tab, we found the post 4 Habits That Will Make You Live a Better Life, here are the highlights:

  • Change the Way You Talk to Yourself
  • Surround Yourself with People Beyond Your Standards
  • Treat Time-Wasting Activities Like a Reward
  • Talk About Your Goals

If you happen to catch the shopping bug while perusing her website you are in luck.  She has a shopping tab where you can shop her looks from her post.  Genius!

On the podcast, Jecky talks candidly about her process of creating content and ultimately what she believes is the key to her success.  While she definitely focuses on fashion, she covers real life issues as well… all with her sweet and thoughtful writing style.  We thoroughly enjoyed our chat with her and hope you will you. 

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Loves and Links:

Jecky’s Favorite Designers:  Chanel and Balenciaga

Jecky’s Favorite City to Shop in:  Barcelona

Jecky’s Favorite Must-Have Item:  ASH Sneekers

Jecky’s Favorite Cities:  Barcelona and Ibiza

Jecky’s Advice:  ‘Stop stressing about pleasing others or letting them down.  Instead, focus on what’s in your heart to do’

Jecky’s Favorite Brick & Mortar Store:  Zara

Jecky’s Tips for Managing Comparison:  ‘Take 1-hour breaks from all screen time’ & ‘Talk to loved ones about your feelings to improve your perspective’

Jecky’s Favorite Instagram:  Xenia Overdose, Justin Bieber, Allaboutilisa

Jecky’s Favorite Beauty Product:  MAC Blot Powder

Jecky’s Current Favorite Netflix:  Bates Motel

Jecky’s Favorite App:  Mapstr (trip planning app)


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Blog:  wantgetrepeat.com

Instagram:  @wantgetrepeat


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