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Kelly Hill is the talent behind the travel blog and social media account @kellyyhill.  She sort of stumbled into the world of social media and travel blogging.  While living in New York City, her and her husband Justin hatched a plan to pack up their belongings and travel for a few months.  They immediately fell in love with all that travel entails and the rest was history.  Kelly is naturally a creative but also has a scientist side that must be fed.  She is skilled in the world of logic and began computer coding at the age of 11!  She continues to work in Web and App design while traveling and posting in her spare time.  Kelly has has merged her coding skills with her artistic eye to create some of the most beautiful travel photographs out there.  

In this interview, we discuss Kelly’s recent travels to Vietnam and why this is a must-stop for foodies.  She also talks with us about her time in Dubai and swears it should be a bucket list trip for absolutely everyone.   She’s married to a surfer and thus has a certain adventurous spirit.  Kelly and Justin have a serious love of Airbnb which has fueled them to begin plans to open their own.  Their hope is to own and operate properties for rent in an effort to share all the aspects they have come to love about the Airbnb experience.  We think this is a genius idea and hope to stay in one or their rentals someday!  Listen in, you’ll love hearing Kelly’s story. 

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Loves and Links:

Kelly’s Current Travel Essentials:  Packing Cubes

Kelly’s First Partnership & Favorite Store:  Planet Blue

Kelly’s Favorite Luggage:  Away (carry-on suitcase) & Longchamp (fold-up tote)

Kelly’s Favorite US City:  NYC

Kelly’s Favorite Vietnam Location:  Cam Rahn Bay

Kelly’s Travel Tip:  ‘Everyone should get a credit card that allows you to collect points for travel

Kelly’s Favorite Instagram:  Natasha Oakley, Travel In Her Shoes, TezzaMB

Kelly’s Favorite App:  Library Mobile App (MyLibrary)

Kelly’s Current Netflix Pick:  Game of Thrones and Younger

Kelly’s Current Favorite Beauty Product:  Coconut Oil (she uses it for everything!)

Kelly’s Celebrity Crush:  Ryan Reynolds

Kelly’s Girlcrush:  Natasha Oakley & Angelina Jolie

Kelly Elona’s Reading:  Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk

Kelly’s Life Advice:  ‘make daily deposits into the goodwill bank, you never know when you’ll need to make a withdrawal’

Kelly’s Current Favorite Song:  I Like It by Cardi B

Kelly’s Motto:  ‘If you really want something, you’ll find a way to make it work. If not, you didn’t really want it’


Host to Host Chat:

Julie Discussed Aspen Trip:  Independence Pass, CO (saw Lance Armstrong) and Clark’s Oyster Bar Restaurant

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Instagram:  @kellyyhill

Blog:  kellyyhill.com


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