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Megan Elliott is the creator and blogger behind Lush to Blush, a collection of all things lovely, including her travels, beauty tutorials and blogging tips.  Her goal is to create a little place where her readers can get away and relax.  Every post on Megan’s blog is elegantly put together and truly captures her style and passion.  In addition to blogging, Megan also works as a web designer, and is a freelance writer for various publications while specializing in social media marketing.  It was a pleasure to interview her and find out all about her travels and inspirations.

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Loves and Links:

Megan’s Favorite US Cities:  Los Angeles & New York

Megan’s Design Company:  Lush Design Shop

Megan’s Blog Consultation Company:  Adorn Media Group

Megan’s Favorite Advice:  ‘You can’t make everyone happy, just be you’

Megan’s Favorite Instagram:  Travel in Her Shoes, Blank Itinerary, My Therapist Says

Megan’s Current Netflix Picks:  Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Westworld, Silicon Valley

Megan’s Favorite Beauty Product:  Vaseline Lip Tint

Megan’s Current Favorite Book:  Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews

Megan’s Favorite Language App:  Google Translate (can hold over menu for translation)

Megan’s Favorite App:  Audible 

Megan’s Top Flight Deal Websites:  theflightdeal.com, scottscheapflights.com, secretflying.com, skyskipping.com

Megan’s Current Favorite Playlist:   Brain Food Playlist on Spotify (great background music while working)

Megan’s Current Favorite Hotel:  St-Regis Bal Harbour Resort (Miami)

Megan’s Motto: ‘If you really wanted to, you would’ve done it’


Connect with Megan:

Blog:  lushtoblush.com

Instagram:  @lushtoblush


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