Podcast interview with The Faux Martha

We were thrilled to chat with Melissa Coleman, the talented designer, cook and creative behind The Faux Martha.  Melissa lives with great intention and a level of thoughtfulness that deeply inspires.  She’s adopted minimalism into her daily life,  her kitchen, home, and even her wardrobe.  She and her husband built and designed their beautiful home which is eye candy for all of us as we follow along.  Melissa has been wildly published in places like Real Simple and Saveur.  Additionally, she has recently published her first book The Minimalist Kitchen which has seen record sales.  It’s a cookbook but more importantly, it’s a framework for creating a minimalist kitchen, a kitchen pared down to the essentials.

In this interview, we discuss the beginnings of her blog, her book-writing experience, her many moves around the US, and her family’s decision to “marry and say I do” to Minneapolis, MN where they chose to put down roots.  Melissa is real, thoughtful and down to earth and left us inspired.  We absolutely loved this chat and know you will too.

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Loves and Links:

Melissa’s Favorite Budget Accessory:  Old books from thrift stores with colorful spines

Melissa’s Tips:  ‘Simplicity in it’s final form looks so simple but getting there is always hard‘ & ‘Micro zesters are great for mincing garlic, ginger, …’

Melissa’s Favorite Instagram:  Olivia Herrick Design, Plain English UK, The First Mess

Melissa’s Netflix Picks:  Marvelous Mrs. Maisel & House of Cards

Melissa’s Favorite App:  InShot (time lapse videos)

Melissa’s Favorite City:  Her city Minneapolis, MN

Melissa Is Reading:  Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

Melissa’s Motto:  ‘Pare down to the essence but don’t remove the poetry’ ~Leonard Koren

Melissa Would Love to Have Coffee With:  Kate Spade

Melissa’s Girl Crush:  Jennifer Garner

Melissa’s Favorite Beauty Product:  SW Basics Facial Cleanser

Melissa’s Current Favorite Song:  ‘Acoustic‘ by Billy Raffoul

Melissa’s Favorite Life Advice:  ‘Have a hobby outside of your work’


Connect with Melissa:

Instagram:  @thefauxmartha

Website:  www.thefauxmartha.com


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