Blogger Milly Bannister crosses off her bucket list by visiting Coachella


Milly caught the travel bug, hard.  She left her wonderful life in Australia, full of family and friends to travel the world indefinitely, but she’s still your girl next door.  Milly is relatable and witty.  She’s creating original content and delivery strategies for her dedicated audience on her blog millybannister.com and on her social media platforms. With a background in photography, a degree in journalism/media, and an authentic passion for life, she’s an original, professional, thought-provoking, aspirational leader. She’s unapologetically herself and we kind of love it.   We really enjoyed our conversation with Milly and hope you listen in and Get to Know her.


Blogger Milly Bannister travels and explores


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Loves And Links:

Milly’s Favorite US City:  NYC

Milly’s New Project:  GRLKND

Milly’s Tips:  ‘Remain authentic to who you are and engage with others in a real and purposeful way’

Milly’s Favorite Instagram:  Travel In Her Shoes, Of Leather & Lace, Taylor Cut Films

Milly’s Favorite App:  Spotify

Milly’s Current Netflix Pick:  Jane the Virgin & Riverdale

Milly’s Girl Crush:  Tash Oakley & Emily Ratajkowski

Milly’s Current Favorite Book:  Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Milly’s Life Advice:  ‘Be kind and be yourself’

Milly’s Current Favorite Song:  Honest by Bazzi

Milly’s Motto:  Be grateful everyday of your life

Tedra’s Current Favorite Music:  Bahamas 


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Blog:  millybannister.com

Instagram:  @millyrosebannister


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