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It was an absolute joy talking with Myquillyn Smith.  She’s the woman behind the popular design blog The Nester.  For the past ten years, she (the ‘Nester’ as her fans know her) has been encouraging women to embrace their home—imperfections and all.  Her motto is: ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.   She’s a published author of The Nesting Place, a design book that helps readers accept and find beauty in imperfection, and the freedom to take risks to create the home they’ve always wanted.  She’s just released her second book: Cozy Minimalist Home.  In it, she explains how it isn’t about going without or achieving a new modern style.  Instead, she helps the reader achieve the style they love with the fewest possible items.

Myquillyn is down to earth and was fun to chat with.  In this interview, she talks about the fixer-upper she lives in on 12 acres with her husband Chad their three teenage boys, two cats, a dog and a rooster.  Her home is beautifully and simply decorated and has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Cottages & Bungalows and Ladies’ Home Journal.  Myquillyn has a wonderful ability to offer practicle and ‘game-changing’ design advice and strategies for all of us looking to minimize and create rooms that inspire.  Listen in, you’ll walk away with some practical and useful design nuggets.



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Picture of the book cover: Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith The Nester

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Nest Fest Dates & Tickets:  Nest Fest

Myquillyn’s Books:  The Nesting Place & Cozy Minimalist Home

Myquillyn’s Online Design Course:  Seasonal Classes

Myquillyn’s Most Important Budget Accessory:  a great lamp

Myquillyn’s Favorite Indoor Plant:  Kangaroo Paw

Myquillyn’s Current Favorite Book:  Wondering Years by Knox McCoy

Myquillyn’s Tips:  ‘In every room, have something with life in it (plant, fish, pet gear, bowl of fruit…) and at least one cleaned off surface’

Myquillyn’s Favorite Instagram:  Life In Grace, Bri McKoy, Alyssa Bethke

Myquillyn’s Favorite App:  PBS

Myquillyn’s Motto:  ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful’

Myquillyn’s Current Favorite Netflix:  BBC’s Father Brown

Myquillyn’s’s Favorite Life Advice:  ‘It doesn’t have to be new, it just has to be true


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