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Natalie started her blog Perry’s Plate in 2008 as a way to easily access and share her family’s most favorite recipes, and it has blossomed into something she never expected — a creative outlet for herself and a community of supportive friends and food-lovers.  She’s passionate about keeping her family healthy and feeding her kids things other than pancakes (although they really love pancakes).  Her work has been featured in places such as Pioneer Women – Food and Friends, Bon Appetit, Glamour, ABCNews, BuzzFeed, HuffPost Food, etc.  You’ll love hearing more about her life as a food blogger, mother, wife, and woman.  Also, take a look at her cookbook: The Big Book of Paleo Slow Cooking here.

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Loves and Links:

Natalie’s Cookbooks:  The Big Book of Paleo Slow Cooking, The Big Book of Paleo Pressure Cooking

Natalie is a Longtime Recipe Contributor:  Food and Friends with The Pioneer Woman

Natalie’s Favorite Kitchen Gadget:  A high quality sharp knife

Natalie’s Netflix Picks:  The Crown, Bones

What Natalie’s reading:  The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

Natalie’s Favorite Instagram:  The Whole Smiths, Melissa Hartwig, Late With Kate, The Pioneer Woman

Natalie’s Current Favorite Song:  Shake Your Bootie by KC and The Sunshine Band

Some mom advice from Natalie:  Never push a child to potty train, wait until they are ready

Natalie’s Most Used Cookbook:  Nom Nom Paleo for Humans by Michelle Tam + Henry Fong

Natalie’s Favorite Beauty Product:  LipSense Lipgloss 

Natalie’s Advice:  Don’t ever assume anything, also open and frequent communication is vital to shape accurate expectations

Jade’s Favorite Pantry Ingredients:  coconut milk, quality olive oil, canned potatoes 

Connect with Natalie:

Blog:  perrysplate.com

Instagram:  @perrysplate


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