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We really enjoyed our talk with Nicole Cogan, a TV host and the queen of gluten free.  She’s the founder and creator of Nobread.com, a popular food and lifestyle blog specializing in gluten-free living.  NOBREAD has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, Tasting Table, Well + Good, and several other publications.  Before her successful career in food and media, Nicole worked in Equity Sales at J.P. Morgan and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornell University.  Her current hosting responsibilities include CBS’s This is LA, and appearances on The Dr. Oz Show and NBC’s New York Live.

In this interview, Nicole tells all about her health struggles and eventual celiac diagnosis, working on Wall Street, and her decision to leave it all for her greatest passion.  Her positivity and ambition is contagious.  Her goal is to help others see that a restrictive or gluten-free diet doesn’t mean a depressing deprived life but instead, delicious wholesome meals and international travel without sacrificing your health.  Nicole’s blog is a tremendous resource for anyone going gluten-free.  She provides some fabulous gluten-free city guides and an E-Book for a 7-day reset to name a few.  Tune in to hear her story and all she’s up to in the gluten-free world.

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Loves and Links:

Nicole’s Tip:  ‘if you believe in something and are passionate about it, you will succeed

Nicole’s Netflix Pick:  Riverdale

Nicole’s Favorite Apps:  Calculator & Zillow

Nicole’s Favorite Instagram:  Be Well By Kelly, The Balanced Blonde, John Mayer

Nicole’s Celebrity Crush:  Brett Eldredge & Zac Efron

Nicole’s Current Favorite Beauty Product:  Cocokind Matcha stick

Nicole’s Girl Crush:  Kim Kardashian

Nicole is Inspired By:  Bethenny Frankel

Nicole’s Current Favorite City:  London

What Nicole’s Reading:  Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Nicole’s Current Favorite Music:  A Star Is Born Soundtrack

Nicole’s Favorite Life Advice:  ‘Don’t go to 13th grade, go to university’ -H.S. Teacher


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Instagram:  @nobread.com


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