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Olyasha is a beautiful Russian model turned career woman with an incredibly successful fashion blog; Not Basic Blonde.  From her early days as a girl in Ukraine, she was destined to be obsessed with fashion and personal style.  Olya credits her mother, a major fashionista, as her greatest inspiration.  She graduated from a modeling academy at 14 and started a successful career having done swimwear, runway, print, commercials and even some acting in Europe before relocating to the United States at 17.  Olya continued modeling while pursuing her degree in Project Management at Georgia State.  Her style is accessible to everyone.  She loves mixing designer staples like shoes and purses with more inexpensive clothing.  She aims to inspire everyone to feel extraordinary, confident and fun!  She may be blonde, but she’s definitely not basic!  Listen in and Get to Know Olya.

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Loves and Links:

Olya’s Favorite Designers:  Chanel 

Olya’s Favorite City to Shop in:  Paris

Olya’s Favorite Must-Have Item:  Denim shorts (like these)

Olya’s Current Favorite City:  Los Angeles

Olya’s Celebrity Crush:  Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum

Olya’s Advice to Anyone Starting Out:  ‘Put the time and research into learning how to create the best possible content and top quality photos’

Olya’s Favorite Online Stores:  bebe & ASOS

Olya’s Favorite Instagram:  Sassy Red Lipstick, Chiara Ferragni, Kim Kardashian

Olya’s Favorite Beauty Product:  Dry Shampoo (like this one)

Julie and Olya Spoke about:  Orange Theory (fitness class)

Olya’s Girl Crush:  Kim Kardashian

Olya’s Life Advice:  ‘Make sure to keep learning, no one can ever take it from you’

Olya’s Current Favorite Netflix:  All standup comedy

Olya’s Favorite App:  Facetune

Olya’s Current Favorite Song:  Kiki, Do You Love Me by Drake

Olya’s Motto:  ‘Never give up or take no for an answer’


Connect with Olya:

Blog:  notbasicblonde.com

Instagram:  @notbasicblonde_


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