Pip Marffy sitting on a cliff in the mountains


It was a joy to speak with Pip Marffy.  She’s a Zimbabwean born New Zealander who now lives in London but feels fully at home all over the world.  In an effort to improve herself (writing, cooking, photograpghy, traveling…), she started her blog Wander Pip despite her trepidations of putting so much of herself out there.  We are glad she did.  Her photography is incredibly beautiful and inspiring as well as her stories, travel tips, and recipes.  We especially enjoy her bend towards slightly more rugged/earthy travel and living like the locals.  She’s 25 and still figuring out exactly what she wants to be when she grows up but completely cool with that.  We loved her warm authenticity as she shared her love of the world, her friends, family, good food and flights that take her to fascinating places.  Listen in as we get to know Pip. 

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Loves and Links:

Pip’s Favorite US City:  New York City

Pip’s Travel Advice:  ‘Eat local and talk to locals, find local markets and take your time as you explore’

Pip’s Current Favorite Bag:  Ortovox Backpack

Pip’s Favorite Instagram:  Carmen Huter, Hello Emilie, Renee Roaming

Pip’s Current Netflix Picks:  Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Westworld, Silicon Valley

Pip’s Favorite Beauty Product:  Tiny Perfume Bottles, currently loving Dior (perfect for hiking & keeping bag lightweight)

Pip’s Current Favorite Book:  The Choice by Edith Eva Eger

Pip’s Favorite Motto:  ‘We don’t know where we’re going or what’s going to happen but no one can take away from us what we put in our minds.  Choose your mindset despite your circumstances’ by Edith Eva Eger

Julie’s Favorite US Cities:  Austin and Malibu


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Blog:  wanderpip.com

Instagram:  @wander_pip


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