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Sonia Thiyam is from northern India, a part of the world rich in family tradition and cultural influence.  She studied and became a doctor as her father wished but she knew her passions were elsewhere, so she secretly started a blog on the side and named it Sheer Vanity Sonia.  With the quiet support of her mother but a father who didn’t understand, she took a leap of faith and hasn’t looked back.  Having amassed nearly 200k followers now on Instagram, she is blossoming in her own style and beauty and it’s a great thing to see.  Sonia speaks candidly with us in this interview about her story and all she’s learned along the way.  We were so impressed with her openness and bravery to step out and leave her medical profession behind to pursue her passion.

Sonia saw success early on when she won the Swarovski Style Your Way To Paris competition.  Her approach to fashion is artistic, simple, and all about being comfortable and stylish at once.  She’s focused on giving herself love and believes if you feel confident about yourself anything will look good on you.  She’s driven to assemble outfits and apply makeup according to her mood i.e. somedays it’s all about lounge wear and others a fun glam look that brings her joy. Sonia spoke with us about everything from her decision to be more transparent on social media to how she improved her self-esteem.  She’s an inspiration to many, hope you enjoy.

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Loves and Links:

Sonia’s Favorite Designers:  Versace

Sonia’s Favorite City to Shop in:  Paris

Sonia’s Favorite Brick & Mortar Store:  Pernia Pop-up Shop

Sonia’s Celebrity Crush:  Dean 

Sonia’s Tips  ‘Learn to practice self-love & In blogging, just do you’

Sonia’s Favorite Instagram:  Dean, Maggie On The Rocks, Frankie Shaw

Sonia’s Favorite Beauty Product:  Vaseline Lip Balm

What Sonia’s Reading:  Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Sonia’s Must-See Indian Sights:  Taj Mahal & Royal Palace (Jaipur)

Sonia’s Girl Crush:  Jennifer Lopez

Sonia’s Life Advice:  ‘Love those who hate you’

Sonia’s Current Favorite Netflix:  All Korean Dramas (K-Drama)

Sonia’s Favorite App:  VSCO 

Sonia’s Current Favorite Song:  Instagram by Dean

Sonia’s Motto:  ‘Give Love’


Connect with Sonia:

Blog:  sheervanitysonia.com

Instagram:  @sheervanitysonia


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