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We loved chatting with Tinger Hseih.  Her blog and social media presence at Dash of Ting offers advise for health conscious foodies looking for a variety of tasty cultural cuisines and travel tips.  With over 30 countries under her belt and her own weight-loss journey, she created delicious and healthier recipes to share with her friends.  As the momentum of her blog and social media accounts have picked up, Tinger has begun hosting shows for the media giant Tastemade.  She is currently hosting shows with Matador Networks and contributing to A-List Celebrity Ayesha Curry’s lifestyle site goInspo.  Not only is Tinger growing professionally, but she is also helping other influencers do the same with their careers through her influencer agency Your Favorite Influencer.  Listen in and learn all about her ventures, what drives her, and pick up some tips for your own business and life.


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Loves and Links:

Tinger’s Influencer Network:  Your Favorite Influencer

Tinger’s Television Host Partnership:  Matador Network 

Tinger Contributes to Tastemade

Tinger’s Favorite Noodles:  Shirataki Noodles

Tinger’s Favorite Cookbook:  An: To Eat, Recipes and Stories from a Vietnamese Family Kitchen

Tinger’s Netflix Pick:  Jessica Jones

Tinger’s Favorite City: Rio De Janeiro

What Tinger’s reading: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey

Tinger’s Advice:  ‘Project what you want, if you do, you’ll get it‘ 

Tinger’s Favorite Instagram:  JJ Yosh, Adam Francisco

Tinger’s Favorite App:  SnapSeed

Tinger’s Girl Crush:  Tara Milk Tea

Tinger’s Motto:  ‘Don’t worry about what others think, do what makes you most happy

Tinger’s Current Favorite Song:  Hush by Alex Ander

Tinger’s Favorite Beauty Product:  Dior Lip Gloss

Tinger’s Favorite Life Advice:  ‘Be kind to everyone; you never know what someone is going through or if you’ll someday need their help’


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Blog:  dashofting.com

Instagram:  @dashofting


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Website: wegettoknow.com

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