White plate filled with 2 fried eggs, roasted tomatoes, pile of herbal greens, and sour kraut


We are all about a good breakfast plate piled high with our favorite things.  Give us eggs any way, roasted vegetables, and a huge handful of crisp greens to start our day.  Courtney of Realfoodology is equally as obsessed with the first meal of the day as we are.  One look at her Instagram account and you’re inundated with gorgeous breakfasts plates and fun ideas for leftovers.  We recently spoke with Courtney on our podcast (listen here) and thoroughly enjoyed hearing her story and why she chose to earn her masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health.  She shares about her passion for healthy living, her incredible experiences touring full time with international pop star Tove Lo, and tons of tips including her favorite supplements and products.  Listen in to hear Courtney’s tips and story.



We’re not sure why it always escapes us to double up on roasted veggies the night or weekend before so they’re ready for eggs in the morning.  Roasted vegetables are fantastic on their own or even better folded into an omelet.  It’s never occurred to us before to enjoy a serving of jalepeno sauerkraut with our eggs but why not, sounds yummy.  Great gut-health tip Courtney, thanks!  For all you paleo folks out there, add some bacon or andouille sausage to the plate.  Likewise, if you’re feeling southwest, throw it all in a couple tortillas for breakfast tacos.  I think our favorite part of a solid ‘breakfast plate’ is the heaping pile of fresh greens.  Just use whatever you have on hand and don’t shy away from fresh herbs.  Try arugula and cilantro, spinach and basil, or asian rubbed kale.  Options are as endless as our appetites, enjoy!


Here are a few other breakfast ideas that may interest you:

Salivating Eats by C’est Madeleine

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healthy breakfast plates



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