Hot spots in Austin, TX by Shelby Sorrel


It’s no surprise that we LOVE Austin, Texas.  After all, a couple of us have made it our home and we aren’t alone.  In 2017, it was said that nearly 150 people move to Austin everyday making it one of the fastest growing city in America.  So what’s the big deal you’re wondering?  Well, the food alone is absolutely next level with most credit going to Mexican and BBQ joints but the sushi and fine dining scene is just as amazing.  Furthermore, there is live music every single night of the week, the city is one of the best places in the US to start a business, and the weather is almost always warm and sunny.  Shelby Sorrel is an Austin-based influencer who has developed her brand around Austin’s diverse and thriving culinary scene. Imagine if part of your job was being in the know and invited to all the new openings around the city,  thats Shelby.  Following a local social media influencer from your city keeps you in the loop for all the great new restaurants and shops opening in your part of the woods.  For us in Austin, Shelby is our gal. We recently spoke with her on our podcast and enjoyed hearing about the inner workings of her business (listen here) with some step by step advice for anyone wanting to be a local influencer in their city.  We were fascinated with how the whole process works and truly enjoyed this conversation.


Selection of Austin, TX restaurants

Photo Credits Courtesy of Shelby Sorrel Instagram



If you’re planning a trip to Austin or already live there, make sure to check out our posts below.  We list our favorite places to eat in Austin and trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed.


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