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Christmas is soon upon us and I’ll be heading to my local tree farm in a few days to pick my tree for the season.  Truly, if kept simple, I’ve never met a Christmas tree I didn’t like but when it comes to picking my own I tend to opt for the fir variety.  Typically a Balsam fir is readily available in my area and their short green needles are great for wrapping lights and hanging a few ornaments AND they have the best needle retention after being cut.  But what really keeps me coming back to the Balsam fir is the incredible fragrance it provides.  Balsam firs are known to be the most fragrant of all the Christmas trees varieties and I fall in love with the woodsy citrus scent each year.

I would not call myself a minimalist but I do like things uncluttered, clean and not overly decorated. The same goes for my Christmas decorations, so below I’ve sourced some of my absolute favorite inspirations for delivering the simple Christmas tree look should you also share a similar aesthetic.   Using non traditional tree skirts is something I love.  A great basket, bucket (I personally own these), chunky wool throw or simple stand set the foundation for the overall look while leaving plenty of room for creativity.  While I could opt for absolutely nothing at all on my tree, a few simple ornaments and lights finish it off perfectly and without a lot of fuss or time.   If you have the space, try even adding a couple smaller trees around the house to bring more of the Christmas feels to any space.

Now, I will say that while this is my own personal style, I do love my mom’s over the top Christmas trees and decorations that she spends weeks carefully assembling.  She usually has a minimum of one fully decked glass only ornament head to toe covered tree (phew, that’s a descriptive mouth full), if not two in her home.  She also dresses the entire home in Christmas villages that would rival the best collections in the world.  Coming home to my parents for Christmas each year is like walking into a Christmas wonderland that I very much love and appreciate for all its tradition and grandeur.

BUT… like I said simple is the way for me, so if you agree, I hope these trees give you a bit of inspiration as you are picking and styling your tree this year.  xx Tedra





Photo: The Spruce



Photo: MyDomaine 


Photo: Poppytalk





Photo: skona hem



Photo: West Elm



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