Somewhere Slower

Courtney Adamo's family posing in the wilderness piled in a safari looking jeep


Have you ever longed to sell off the bulk of your possessions, pack up, and travel the world?  What about leaving the hustle behind to find a place with a slower, more gentle rhythm?  Maybe it is not for everyone, perhaps you’ve already found your forever home, but we can all appreciate a purposeful move towards a slower, more rewarding life.  We recently interviewed Courtney Adamo on our podcast (listen here) and loved hearing about her family, their travels around the globe, and their eventual move from London to Australia.  Courtney is a writer, entrepreneur, and instagram sensation.  If you find yourself surfing the web for life inspiration, check Courtney out @courtneyadamo and be absolutely blown away.  Read below for a little more of their story and current home in dreamy Byron Bay, Australia.



Somewhere Slower


Grid Pics of Courtney Adamo's family at the beach surfing


Courtney is married to Michael and together they have 5 beautiful children.  After living in London for 12 years, they made a bold decision to sell their home, most of their belongings and car, to take a family trip around the world.

They drove the California coast, spent months in South America where they first learned to surf, and made it all the way over to Japan and Sri Lanka.  They spent at least 3 weeks in each location to gain a lasting feel for unique people and cultures.  Courtney is transparent about the difficulties in transitioning to a life on the road with 4 kids (read her Telegraph article here).  It was tough juggling her blog, website, and homeschooling the kids but they pushed through for the payoff.  They truly enjoyed the rich family time and the chance to teach their children the history, theology, and geography of each place.


Grid Pics of Courtney Adamo's family frolicking the hills


Grid Pics of Courtney Adamo's family in the home and kitchen


Eventually, they arrived in gorgeous Byron Bay, Australia.  Their hearts were captured and almost immediately they decided to stay and give up returning to London.  Byron Bay is Australia’s most easterly point.  It is internationally renowned for its surfing beaches, rural beauty, and laidback lifestyle.  It’s got a sort of haute-boho vibe that offers an incredible food scene, epic sunsets, and a supportive artistic community.  Most importantly, Courtney says Byron Bay has helped her family slow down their days, enjoy time together, and learn to be more present.

Since the move, Courtney birthed her 5th child (Wilkie) at home which she describes as a truly magical experience.  She’s completely embraced surfing and has written a book titled 9 Months: A month by month guide to pregnancy for the family to share.  She inspires us to make the most of our lives by purposefully taking time out to reflect on what we value most and then the courage to actually prioritize them in a real and lasting way.  Read more about Courtney’s adventures on her blog Somewhere Slower.  Also, make sure to follow along on their adventures through her beautiful family photos and thoughts on instagram @courtneyadamo.


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