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As we look around, there seems to be a movement towards minimalism and mobility.  Many of us are deeply desiring a greater simplicity to our lives.  We are disenchanted with the collection of more possessions and are opting to downsize and discover greater meaning in relationships and experiences with loved ones.  Things take on different shapes for different people.  Some leave the city and move to the country while others bite the bullet, sell their homes and opt for an RV or tiny home.  We recently interviewed Ashley Petrone (podcast interview here) of the popular design and lifestyle blog Arrows and Bows.  Our minds and hearts were challenged as we listened to her story.  Ashley and her husband are purposeful about the way they decide to spend their days on Earth.  In 2017, they decided to sell their 5 bedroom home and move their family of 5 into an RV.  For about seventeen months, she documented the journey of homeschooling her children and living in 180 square feet.  Ashley has an adventurous spirit plus an incredible sense of style and design.  Below, she shares with us her Airstream RV renovation and we couldn’t be more obsessed with the process and how it turned out.  Read below and be inspired.



Doesn’t your heart swoon a bit every time you see a shiny Airstream against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Alaskan countryside, or the California coast?  It’s amazing how an image alone has us daydreaming of a different life.

We are crazy about Ashley’s design choices for the interior of this Airstream.  There’s a luxurious simplicity to her choices without sacrificing on functionality and storage.  Just makes us want to put our busy lives on hold for a year and travel around in a gem like this.  Make sure to head over to Ashley’s blog Arrows & Bow to read more about this and her other renovations.  She’s candid about the ups and downs of each experience plus full of inspiration and wisdom for living life to the fullest.

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