colorful easter eggs with fun typography


Easter is soon upon us and with that comes multiple trips to craft stores for the myraid of Easter crafts and DIY’s.  We don’t know how many times we have sat down to begin the arduous process of coloring and, whoops, I have forgotten the vinegar.  Or days into May and our hands still bear the remnants of egg dye.  So, this year we’ve decided to forgo the traditional ‘drop the egg in food coloring and turn it all around’ and instead, elevate our egg game and learn a new technique or two in the process.  We’ve included direct links to each “eggspiration” below making it easy for you to get hopping.   Hope these ideas inspire you.  Happy Spring!



Wicker nest filled with blue dyed eggs

Photo Credit: Honestly Yum

Robin’s Eggs 

You might be surprised to know that the single ingredient in achieving this beautiful robin’s egg blue color is red cabbage.  Seriously! Straight from the earth. You will be amazed at how simple this process is.  


brightly colored easter eggs with typography

Photo Credit: Lovely Indeed

Typography Easter Eggs


Who doesn’t like dealing with dye? Actually, a better question might be who likes dealing with dye? Well you’re in luck with these no-dye easter eggs. Using a cricut machine, you can crank these personalized eggs out by the dozen. Best part, no wire holders or plastic dye cups needed.  



Whipped Cream Tie Dye Easter eggs

Photo Credit: Only Deco Love


Eggs dyed with whipped cream


These eggs are also no dye and guess what? They are made with whipping cream. The end result is a beautiful water-colored egg that will impress all of your artsy friends.  



DIY Sprinkle covered eggs

Photo Credit: Studio DIY


DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs


If you like glitter, you’ll love these eggs. Decorated solely from nonpareils, these candy-adorned eggs could be the icing on top of the cake. You can use any small, easter-colored candy. Sky’s the limit.   



Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs

Photo Credit: Handimania

Thread Wrapped Eggs


With just three ingredients, these colorful eggs bring egg decorating to the next level. These eggs are Easter via Morocco. We are in love with the bright colors and the hand-woven designs.


Unicorn DYI Easter Eggs

Photo Credit: Little Inspiration

Unicorn Eggs


These adorable unicorn eggs will give the Easter bunny a run for his money. Easy to assemble and the cutest Easter party accessory out there.



DIY Feather Easter Eggs

Photo Credit: Sherlterness

Feather Easter Eggs


For a modern and rustic Easter rendition, these feathered eggs are unique, easy and beautiful.  I love these for a year-round design touch. Faux eggs probably best for this.


Black easter eggs with twine and feathers

Photo Credit: Shelterness


Black Feather egg with twine


Modern, elegant and warm. I would use any iteration of this design all year long. In fact, I have some ostrich eggs that might be getting a makeover.


Golden foiled easter eggs

Photo Credit: Sugar and Charm


Golden Easter Egg


If you’re looking to elevate the easter egg game, we’ve got you covered. Introducing the ‘golden egg.’  Everyone is a winner!



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