Tina Lee posing in Vernalmania Couture Red and Cream Gown


While most of us will never own a couture gown, who doesn’t appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail of these beautiful works of art?  Tina Lee of the fabulous fashion and travel blog Of Leather and Lace has shared her current brand crush, Vernalmania with us.  This company is creating some of the most exquisite couture gowns we’ve seen and are modeled so beautifully by Tina herself.

Tina’s blog is a beautifully curated site filled with loads of fashion and travel information; she is really tapping into what we want to see with posts like “Most Instagrammable” spots in London, New York and Budapest.  Tina was a guest on our podcast and she gives many behinds the scenes details of what it takes to create her beautiful content, listen here.



Tina models 3 dresses, all from a special collaboration between Vernalmania and Musée Project (a couture brand influenced by top museums around the world).  These pieces are inspired by ancient Chinese artifacts and artwork housed in the Taipei Palace Museum.

The first dress was motivated by an antique blossom painting.  We love the bold red neckline and sash as well as how the color and complex floral stitchings embody everything about the painting.  The neckline is stunning the way it crosses in the front and comes over the shoulders in straight bold lines.  


Grid pics of Tina Lee posing in red and cream Vernalmania couture gown


The second dress was inspired by a bejeweled hair crosspiece.  The level of difficulty involved in piecing this gown together must have been painstaking.  We love the black mesh aside the detailed and dreamily colored floral inlays.


Grid pics of Tina Lee posing in black and cream Vernalmania couture gown


The last piece is a dream that was inspired by a painted snuff bottle.  The silk accents combined with the delicate fabrics make it an ethereal masterpiece.  To read more about these gorgeous gowns and Tina’s Asian travel archives, visit her site here.


Grid pics of Tina Lee posing in cream floral Vernalmania couture gown