Top-down view of Garlic Crack Sauce Pasta

Sometimes simplicity and timeless flavor combinations are all we need.  Tomatoes and basil, toasty bread and cheese, pancetta and ripe melon…you get the idea.  Today we bring you Gaby’s Garlic Crack Sauce Pasta and trust us when we say you’ve got to make this immediately!  Gaby is the California girl behind the wildly popular blog What’s Gaby Cooking.  Her blog is all things sunshine, flip-flops, green goddess salads, and of course, chips and guac.  We recently interviewed Gaby on our podcast (listen here) and loved hearing all about her early days at culinary school and private cheffing, how she met her husband, and the importance of not taking no for an answer.  Listen in and Get To Know Gaby.



Garlic Crack Sauce Pasta


Top-down view of Garlic Crack Sauce Pasta

Recipe and Photos Courtesy of What’s Gaby Cooking


It’s been a long day, you and your family are hungry and craving a quick soul-warming meal.  This, friends, is your no-fail answer!  A fresh bowl of pasta doused in the most unforgettable cheesy herbal garlicky sauce.    This recipe will undoubtedly make it into your rotation and if you’re not already a total fan of Gaby, you will be now.  She has a real talent for creating unforgettable flavors.  She also delivers on dependable ease of execution.

Her garlic sauce is insanely delicious.  There’s something about the acidity of the lemon combined with the kick of all the garlic and warmth of the red pepper: MAGIC!  Let’s take a moment to mention all the ways this sauce can be used: drizzle it over roasted veggies, use it as a vinaigrette on salads, pour it over roasted salmon or chicken… the options are limitless.  Gaby has recently partnered with Williams Sonoma to offer us her Go-To Seasoning; a key component of her sauce.  Visit her site for the Garlic Crack Sauce recipe and make sure to check out her other content.  It may be tough to tear yourself away.


Garlic Crack Sauce Pasta
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Garlic Crack Sauce Pasta


  1. 3/4 cup shredded mozzarella
  2. 1/2 Cup garlic crack sauce
  3. 8 ounces linguini
  4. kosher salt
  5. black pepper (freshly cracked)


  • Cook pasta according to package directions
  • Drain and add the garlic crack sauce and mozzarella
  • Toss to combine and melt the cheese
  • Adjust salt and pepper as needed
  • Serve immediately